13+ Secret Restaurants in Italy

When in Rome, you should eat like the Romans. And the best place to try out Roman cuisine is at a secret restaurant where you won’t find any tourists trying to get your attention. These places are so secret that they aren’t listed online. But if you know what to look for, these spots offer not only authentic Roman dishes but also Italian wines, local beers, and a warm welcome.

In secret restaurants, the owner decides what dishes will be served, often based on their preferences. These restaurants can be found in various cities around the world. Apart from fancy names, secret restaurants in Italy (home-based) are restaurants where amateur and professional Italian hosts prepare meals for strangers in their own homes. Simple as that. Restaurant owners have taken a liking to hosting dinners for strangers in their homes.

Unlike most secret restaurants around the world that look sassy and mysterious, secret Italian restaurants are warm and welcoming, and most do not require an invitation. This genius idea will attract you if you are an adventurous eater.

With secret restaurants, one can enjoy mouthwatering food prepared by local chefs who have mastered culinary skills and traditions. These places serve authentic dishes such as those made by grandmothers and offer various options, including authentic Italian cuisine, fine French dining, Asian delicacies and specialties, modern American fare, gourmet pizzas, and much more.

Unless you dig around online, these aren’t well-known things, and you probably won’t find them mentioned anywhere. But if you do stumble upon one, you should give them a try! 

They’re often found in small towns or villages, so check out their events calendar before setting off. And if you ever get lucky enough to find yourself in Italy, you are lucky as below is a list of some of the best underground restaurants to visit.

Underground Restaurants in MILAN

  • Stefania Corrado – personal chef and social dinners 
  • La Colazione della Domenica  and Burger Night 
  • KitchenVictim
  • MA Hidden Kitchen Supper Club

Underground Restaurants in ROME

  • Rome’s Secret  Supper Club
  • Cook Here and Now
  • Culinary Loft
  • Cene Romane – is owned by a network of private cooks who prepare cuisines from their homes.


  • PADUA, near Venice > Mama Isa’s – cooking classes and dinners with a real Italian family
  • FLORENCE > Cucina Cinzia – a Tuscan Family Home dinner and cooking classes
  • Le Dîner Caché –  CAGLIARI in Sardinia  
  • BARI in Apulia > Artigiani del Sapore
  • COMO > Elle Cuisine
  • Le Cesarine – Home Food Italy

Le Cesarine offers a chance to reconnect with family history and culture through the food you’ll eat. Their network of chefs consists of Italian women “Cesarine,” who cook traditional dishes and share them with friends and families. 

They pride themselves on quality rather than quantity; their menus are carefully planned and prepared according to seasonal ingredients. The type of meal determines price ranges. Generally, meals run from €25 to €60 per 6-8 persons at each event.

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