About Italy

Italy is a boot-shaped country situated in Southern Europe. It is located on the Apennines peninsula. Its unique shape makes it easy to locate it on the map.

The Adriatic sea is east of the peninsula, which also borders it. The Sea of Sicily lies in the South. The Ionian sea is located in the Southeast, and the Ligurians sea and the Tyrrhenians sea are both found in the West; these bodies of water make up the Mediterranean sea.

Italy borders Vatican City, San Marino, Slovenia, Austria, Switzerland, France, and Libya. In addition, it has maritime borders with Albania, Andorra, Algeria, Croatia, Monaco, Malta, Montenegro, and Morocco.Aviator

Two of the largest Mediterranean archipelagos belong to Italy, Sardegna in the West and Sicilia in the South. The country covers an estimated 301,318 square kilometers (116,340 square miles); compared, it is almost eighty percent the size of Japan or nearly twice as large as the U.S. State of Arizona.

Italy has a total population of about 60.5 million people and an area of about 10,500 square kilometers. It is divided into five administrative regions – Emilia-Romagna, Lombardy, Piedmont, Veneto, and Sardinia. Its capital is Rome, although the largest city is Milan. The official languages are Italian.

What Is Italy Famous For?

Italy is known for having the best food, beautiful people, and incredible scenery in the world. Its capital city, Rome, is called the “Eternal City.” Rome was founded around 753 B.C. and became an important trading port during the Roman Empire. The 15th century bore some of the most remarkable people in history, such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Benvenuto Cellini, and Raphael. Today, the country is home to some of the most famous brands such as Ferrari, Gucci, Armani, Versace, and Prada.

The earliest known state bank was established in 1407 in Genoa, Italy. In addition, in 1472, the Bank of Monte Dei Paschi was established in Siena, Tuscany. The first casino in Venice was built in the Palazzo Dandolo. Venice also holds the history of the first opera House in 1637.

The Italians invented other great things such as the programmable calculator (Olivetti), battery, confetti, barometer, and the Italic typeface. They also invented eyeglasses and Eau de Cologne, which has made them famous worldwide.

Italy is famous for having a lot of delicious food, like pizza, spaghetti, prosciutto di Parma, Parmesan cheese, Salame di Genova, and gelato (ice cream)! There are lots of kinds of Italian coffee, such as espresso. In the early 1600s, Venice became an important trade port for coffee beans from Yemen and Ethiopia.

The country is also known for fast and inexpensive sports cars such as Maserati, Ferrari, and Lamborghini.

Other fantastic sceneries include the antique architecture of Rome, the Italian Renaissance gardens, the cities of Florence, Rome, and Venice, the Italian landscapes like the Amalafico Coast, Cinque Terre, Sicily, the Riviera, and the Adriatic Sea Coast.

What Is The Main Culture In Italy?

Italian culture is deeply rooted in the arts, family life, architecture, music, and cuisine. Rome is regarded as the cradle of civilization and boasts an array of ancient monuments and museums, including the Colosseum and the Vatican Museums. Italy is renowned for its fine wines and world-class fashion designers, and its high-quality restaurants serve everything from simple pizzas to haute cuisine.

Italy’s Special Cultural Cuisines


This cuisine starts off the list of Italy’s cultural cuisines. In Italy, pizza making is a type of art. Here, pizza is much more than just meat and cheese – it’s also a canvas where creativity meets tradition. You’ll find the perfect slice in every region, from the most famous Margherita to the exotic Calabrian style, whether in Rome, Naples, Milan, Turin, or Venice.

If you’re traveling to the Southern Region of Calabria, try Calabrian pizza (pitta Rustica). It’s a type of bread folded around a delicious combination of cheese, tomato, and cured meat. Be ready for your taste buds to go delirious after sampling the cuisine!


The name “pasta” in Italy does not even describe the variety of fantastic pasta dishes offered. From simple spaghetti carbonara in Rome to fresh seafood plates of pasta in Sicily, whatever your taste, give yourself a treat and go local! If you fancy something unusual, check out the traditional Roman dish cacio e Pepe (cheese and pepper) or the Sicilian favorite tagliatelle al ragù (ribbon noodles cooked in tomato sauce).

If you are in Italy, head to the beautiful island of Sardinia, where you can enjoy the delicious malloreddus al campidano – a traditional dish made famous with gnocchi like pasta cooked in a rich tomato, sweet red onion, and sausage sauce. It oozes in your mouth and leaves you wanting to take more.


Risotto is cooked at low heat with wine, onions, and stock. After, you can grate a final touch of parmesan. You can take the comforting rice with fresh seafood or greens. 

In the line of risotto, we have the classic dish arancini. These are little rice balls filled with cheese and sometimes meat. They’re popular not only for their lightness but also because they make great party food. They are ideal for a nice snack after a long night of Italian wine.

Polenta And Cured Meats

Holidaying in the north means cooking can often be done outdoors, with little concern for heating. Polenta is one such dish, made with cheery yellow cornmeal cooked with generous amounts of melted butter and grated parmesan cheese – it’s hearty, full of flavor, and perfect for those chilly northern evenings. The next time you find yourself there, look for polenta in Arabba and Val di Fassa.

But if you’re craving something new, try nduja! It’s a spicy pork sausage made in Calabria. Serve it with olives, cheeses, and appetizers as a hearty meal.


Italy’s Southern Italian Coast is one of Europe’s top vacation destinations, famous for its stunning beaches, excellent food, and breathtaking scenery. While traveling along this stretch of coastline, keep an eye out for local fishing boats. You can often spot sardines, mackerel, tuna, and anchovies.

Italy’s southerly coast is famed for incredible food; you’ll undoubtedly be in a prime location for indulging in one of the famous local fish dishes – Pesce Spade Concapperia Alla Calabrese (swordfish). Calabria’s swordfish recipe is a quick, light yet hearty meal that’s perfect after your hike! It is prepared with parsley and capers and roped with freshly squeezed lemon.

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